art deco

Dimensions:33" x 53" (L x W)
Condition:Very Good - Slight Wear to Finish of Frame See Pictures for best description
Dimensions:40.25" x 80" x 31" (L x W x H)
Condition:Very Good - Veneer Loss/Dings; Some Cracking/Splitting/Distressing See Pictures for best description
Dimensions:43.25" x 18.25" x 59.875" (L x W x H)
Condition:Very Good - Some Marks to Shelves Inside/Back of Top Surface. Slight veneer loss towards the back of the top. Middle two hinges removed for ease of door movement. See Pictures for best description
Dimensions:9.675" x 0.875" (L x W)
Condition:Gently Used - Tarnish/Wear; Some Rough Spots on Edges
Dimensions:51" x 24" x 64" Surface Height - 41" (L x W x H)
Condition:Good Antique Condition with light use related wear. A few spots with veneer loss. See Pictures for best description
Dimensions: Exact Dimensions to Follow.   Cabinet Measures approximately 7 feet tall  
Condition: Good Vintage Condition - There is room for a 3rd shelf, something we could have ordered before shipping out if interested.  See Pictures for best description
Dimensions:   28" height x 24" diameter
Condition: This lamp is in good condition for it's age.  It does have some minor chipping on the marble base and two glass panels that have hairlines/cracks. See Photos  
Dimensions: 60 1/2" Height 10" Base 10" Milk Glass Shade
Condition: There's some pitting on the brass.  Mostly around the base.  May be a few scratches.  The light switches does click any more, so you have to kind of play with it to get it to illuminate all of the candelabra lights.  The lamp has a lean to it.  Otherwise Good antique condition  
Dimensions:5 1/2" x 5 1/2" (H x W)
Condition:Light use related wear. See Pictures

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Dimensions: Strap: 4" Total: 6 1/2" x 1 1/4" x 14" Opening Diameter: Closed-1 3/8" Open-4 3/4"
Condition: Very Good Condition Some Age and Use Related Wear The fabric has some wear to it as well as minor discoloration and the strap has some minor splitting to it. The accordion closure has some damage in a few spots and one of the screws is broken and the bag is no longer attached in a few spots to the closure. Other than that this piece is in excellent condition with very little visible wear
Dimensions:.75" x .5"
Condition:Minor wear from use and age, very normal See pictures!